Content marketing, inbound marketing, blogging… What are all of these things? What’s the difference anyway? Can you build it and hope they come?

Well, that may have worked for Kevin Cosner in 1989, but it’s not a great strategy to place your blog bets on. In order to drive inbound traffic to your blog, you need to consider your audience and the type of content they are interested in reading about.

Here are a few tips to help figure out what questions you can answer on your blog.

  1. Ask your sales team: I know. This means you might actually need to talk to your sales team. It’s not that bad, really. And I guarantee you’ll learn something. Ask them to keep track of the questions they’re getting. Any new question, have them write it down. Even better, every question they answer via email, ask them to forward it to you. If people are asking your sales team, chances are they are searching on the web. And if they’re searching on the web, you want to be found.
  2. Look at Amazon: I’m not talking about buying a book. Search your business topic. If I search “marketing automation” on Amazon, there is no shortage of books. Clicking into any number of them, I can see other books that are typically purchased together. The topics are varied: content marketing, analytics, lead generation, CRM, just to name a few. Instant topics that I know my audience will be interested in. The same concept can apply to your business.
  3. Talk to your customers: Your customers are your greatest source of information. They make a great focus group. Ask them about their challenges, their interests, and how your business can better help them achieve their goals (hint: this is information you should share with the company. It isn’t just about blogging). Write about what you learn.

These are three quick inbound marketing tips you can start using today. What other strategies have you used?