Anyone spending this week catching up on sleep from staying up until midnight every day to watch the Olympics? We sure are! Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep is nice but we sure miss watching these athletes dominate their sport and win gold. However, just because the Olympics are over doesn’t mean you can’t still win a gold in marketing.

Yeah we know … that was a pretty cheap segway into a marketing topic, but seriously … we learned quite a few great skills to relate to everyday life and in this case, our marketing lives especially. So we’ve put together 5 lessons learned from this summer’s Olympic games that you can put toward your marketing strategy … because the opportunity for gold medals in marketing comes around more often than just every 4 years.

5 lessons we’ve learned (and applied to our marketing strategy) from the Rio Olympic Games

1. Build up your skills for success

You’d never make it to the Olympic games without honing your skills for success from day one. Practice makes perfect. In your marketing plan, it’s imperative to continue to practice on your skill – whether it be writing, graphic design, campaigns, events, etc. It’s never a one and done. You must continue to get better in order to be successful. Once you perfect your skills and continue to open your mind to learning new skills, you have potential to be the most successful marketer you can be.

2. Leverage your strengths

Ultimately, this means using more of what you’re good at to get more of what you want. If you’re good at running, use more speed to get more medals. If you’re good at a specific marketing strategy like social promotions or content creation and it’s working, do more. At Salesfusion, becoming Sugar Market, we’re good at marketing automation, it’s what we do. And it works for us. So naturally, we do more of it! Find your strength and leverage it.

3. Tell your story

So you may not have a gold medal winning campaign every time, and that’s ok. You don’t need to. But what you do need is a little heart and a good story. Did your company start as a mom and pop shop or a 3 person startup and work it’s way to the top? Is your organization giving 5% of their proceeds from each sale to a charity that means something to your business? You have stories to tell so tell them. Your audience may fall in love with you (and hopefully buy) even if you didn’t win gold.

4. Be consistent

To win a gold medal (or 23 of them), consistency is key. Yes, practice makes perfect but once you’re good you must stay consistent. Consistently post and create new, engaging content for your customers. Consistently show your presence on social media and enter yourselves in other’s conversations. Consistently stay ahead of prospects and nurture them so they remember your name. You must have consistency and drive to win deals.

5. Assess your performance and build on it for the future

You might not win gold the first or second or even fourth time. If you don’t take a look back to analyze what you did before and how you can do it better, you’ll continue to fall short. But if you’re implementing all of the lessons listed above, and completing a proper assessment of your performance, you’ll can continue to build on your strategy. And eventually, you will have that idea that wins marketing gold.

In Summary

We understand that the Olympics and marketing in reality, probably don’t have that much in common. However, all of the athletes we’ve watched compete in the last couple weeks had drive and passion whether they won a gold medal or took last place. They didn’t get to the Olympics by luck. The same goes for marketing. To be good at it and to give your sales team the leads that will win deals, you need to have drive and passion into each aspect of marketing that you produce. Marketing campaigns don’t work because of luck.