10. Checking your A/B test results feels like Christmas morning.



9. You cry actual tears of joy when Gmail accepts 100% of your email sends.



8. You’ve forgotten to check email rendering in all the versions of Outlook…



7. The phrase “batch and blast” makes you cringe.



6. You’ve experimented with sending ridiculous emails to your team “from” the creepy guy in accounting to keep them on their toes.



5. You’ve broken up with someone because they bought a list.



4. You scoff at companies who send non-responsive emails.



3. You have a speech prepared about your compliance practices for spammer accusations from family and friends who just don’t understand.



2. You know how it feels to find an error seconds after hitting the send button.



1. You think persuasive nurtures might be the answer to all your problems in life outside work, too.