Digital marketing is a major investment for any business, but that doesn’t mean it has to cause a financial burden to yours. There are a variety of free tools that allow you to maximize your marketing efforts without a huge marketing budget. And with Thanksgiving rolling around, ‘tis the season to share what you’re thankful for. So to help you save time and money and get more done, and express our gratitude to these companies for creating tools useful to use, we’ve rounded up the 10 free marketing tools we’re thankful for this season.

  1. Google Analytics: Hopefully you’re already using this great tool but if not, you should use it for your web analytic tracking immediately. Google Analytics is Google’s free web analytics service that tracks and reports your website traffic. With Google Analytics you can create dashboards and add widgets to show and compare particular metrics of your website, find out which online campaigns are bringing in the most traffic and conversions, determine where your best visitors are located and see what they’re clicking the most, identify your best and worst performing pages and much more. Here’s a glance at Salesfusion’s, becoming Sugar Market’s, Google Analytics dashboard:
  2. Yoast SEO plugin (for WordPress): If you’re using WordPress for your website, Yoast SEO is a great plugin to accelerate your efforts. Yoast SEO plugin features include an option to set your focus keyword and perform a content analysis, a meta box that allows you to optimize your post or page title and meta description, readability check and more (all these tools include a lot more than we’re describing here right?).
  3. Wistia: Jumping on the video marketing bandwagon? Up your video marketing game by using Wistia to host your videos and get overviews of your video analytics. Wistia’s free plan also gives you the ability to embed and share your video content on a branded Wistia player.
  4. Content Idea Generator: Content is king. We know that, which is why we are creating a ton of it all the time. But what happens when you reach the lull and run out of topics? Well you check out’s free content idea generator tool of course. There are a ton of these tools across the web but we like this one best. But we like this tool in particular for their witty titles, descriptions and ease of use. Check it out!
    Content Idea Generator
  5. Sniply: If your content marketing strategy includes content curation (which it should), then Sniply is a great tool to maximize your curation efforts. Sniply allows you to add a call-to-action button that leads back to your website at the bottom of most third party links. You likely won’t be able to direct readers back to your website off a Forbes article but for most third party sites, this tool works great. There’s also a simple dashboard that helps you manage your success. Here is what a Sniply link looks like with a Salesfusion CTA at the bottom:
  6. Moz (for local SEO and for local marketing): Moz is a search engine optimization (SEO) tool that helps with link building and analysis, keyword research, webpage performance, Twitter analytics, local listing audits and more. While Moz may not be a completely free tool, they do have a free 30 day trial to give you a jumpstart and $7 per month after. The overall impact of using Moz is to help local search engines and new customers find your business online.
  7. Mention: You can monitor mentions of your business in real-time about anything on the web and social media. Mention sends an email each morning with the previous day’s mentions, giving you an opportunity to react quickly and analyze your online presence.
  8. Canva: Don’t have an in-house graphic designer? Or maybe you do but you don’t want to burden them with a simple task like creating a Facebook cover. Canva makes design simple for even the most novice designer. There are a ton of pre-made layouts, text and background options and other elements to make simple and professional designs to include in your marketing strategy.
  9. Crazyegg: Because it’s important to post pertinent information in just the right spot on your website, you should be tracking where visitors are looking and clicking most. Crazyegg is a WordPress plugin that has a heat map tool allowing you to drill down into those specific details. Like Moz, Crazyegg isn’t completely free. However, they do offer a 30 day free trial to give you a jumpstart on your heat map tracking and their services start at $9 per month after.
  10. SurveyMonkey: Easily one of the most popular free online survey tools out there, SurveyMonkey gets a spot on our list of free marketing tools. SurveyMonkey’s software is incredibly easy to use and in just a few minutes, you can design, create and publish your own survey for your business. And even more, you can quickly track and analyze the results on the backend. Take a look at Salesfusion’s basic product satisfaction survey.
  11. So as you put together your marketing strategy, keep in mind these free marketing tools. These tools help Salesfusion add expertise and insight into our marketing campaigns and hopefully they can for you as well.