True Automation for the Recruiting and Staffing Industry

Compare How Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, Addresses Your Top Priorities
Technology is changing the landscape of the recruiting and staffing industry by giving candidates more power and forcing firms to adapt or get left behind.
A survey conducted by Bullhorn unveiled the top priorities for professionals in this space, which validated that Sugar Market is the only true marketing automation platform that is able to address everything that’s important to professionals in the recruiting and staffing industry. Sugar Market gives you all the features you need to achieve your goals by providing you with visibility into candidate and client engagement, supercharging your CRM and allowing you to connect with clients and candidates at the perfect time. You know your priorities, now it comes down to addressing which tool is best for you.

Feature Comparison

Clarity Consultants
The recruiting and staffing industry is rapidly growing and filled smaller specialized firms with new firms launching daily along with the large global multi-specialty firms. The staffing industry has low barriers to entry so staying top of mind is critical.

– Serafim Mendonca, Sr. VP, Corporate Development, Clarity Consultants
The Sugar Market Difference
Unlike other “marketing automation” platforms built for your industry, Sugar Market addresses all of your top priorities. Attract candidates with social and advertising features. Leverage drag-and-drop builders and templates for quick emails, landing pages and forms. Powerful nurturing capabilities allow you to stay top of mind through the candidate journey. A native integration with Bullhorn CRM supports your alignment with recruiters and your sales team and unlimited customer support ensures your success. Most importantly, you could prove ROI with just a single placement using Sugar Market.

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  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited # of Users
  • Native CRM Integrations
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

    vs. Herefish

    Sugar Market is for candidate and client engagement, retention and reach. Our platform is an all-you-need marketing automation tool that supports recruiting and staffing firms from acquisition to hire, because it’s not just about keeping in touch.


    vs. Sense

    Sugar Market allows you to do more than connect with talent by providing tools that help you hire and place. Grow your business by recruiting talent, engaging clients and candidates with personalization at scale and surfacing passive prospects.

    Switch to Sugar Market
    in 4 Simple Steps

    Discovery & Kickoff

    We take the time to understand your integration goals and timeframe, then prepare a customized plan to ensure you have a smooth transition between marketing automation platforms.

    Technical Set-Up & Integration

    We will bring in an expert to guide you through technical setup and synchronization with your existing CRM, so you can focus on your marketing efforts.

    Transition Materials

    We’ll work together during your implementation to transition your desired materials—including forms, email templates, landing pages, lead scoring, list segmentations and nurture campaigns.

    Ready to Roll!

    As your team begins focusing on creating and monitoring campaigns, our support team will continue to function as an extension of your team whenever questions arise.

    What are the top priorities for the recruitment industry?

    A: We referenced Bullhorn's Global Recruitment Insight and Data Report for the top priorities. Learn more.

    What is my transition timeline?

    We recommend that companies begin the transition process at least 2 months prior to the current MAP contract expiring. This provides ample time to ensure proper technical setup and the replication of needed templates and campaigns. While MAPs can be transitioned faster if necessary, the 2-month overlap allows customers to ensure no down time.

    Will Sugar Market natively integrate with my current CRM?

    Sugar Market marketing automation platform natively integrates with the top CRM platforms for the recruiting Industry: Bullhorn, Jobscience, Talent Rover and Salesforce. Learn more here.

    Since I’m not new to the concept of marketing automation, how much training will I need once we make the switch?

    If you are managing the Sugar Market platform on your own, you will receive 4-6 weeks of training that will begin during the transition phase.

    What are my options if I don’t have time to learn a new marketing automation platform?

    For marketers wanting to take a ‘Do It For Me’ approach to their new marketing automation platform, Sugar Market’s Software WITH a Service allows our marketing operations experts to handle the tactical campaign execution and reporting, while the client focuses on program and content creation. Visit the software with a service page to learn more.

    Where can I learn more about Sugar Market marketing automation platform and how it helps me in the recruitment industry?

    To get more information about how Sugar Market helps recruiters and staffing firms more efficiently place candidates, visit this page.

    How much will Sugar Market marketing automation platform cost for my business?

    Visit our marketing automation pricing page to learn more about our affordable and transparent pricing.
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