Salesfusion Recruit
Amplify Your Reach with a Personalized Marketing Approach

Whether trying to drive more business for your firm or source qualified candidates for your clients, today’s top recruiting and staffing agencies are turning to Salesfusion to amplify their efforts. Salesfusion Recruit is the only marketing automation solution built with recruiting needs in mind.

Lead Scoring

Benefits for Recruiters

With hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of candidates sitting in your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM), it is essential to prioritize your efforts when conducting a search and to have a plan to stay in front of candidates with regular, personalized content.

  • Build and maintain personal relationships with candidates in a scalable way
  • Stay top of mind with candidates year after year
  • Target candidates based off of skills criteria or timing of a role ending
  • Focus on candidates who are most likely to make a move
  • Prioritize phone outreach based on candidate engagement
  • Maintain visibility and consistency with integration to CRM/ATS


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Benefits for Sales

For sales to be the most effective, it needs to be aligned with marketing and have visibility into campaigns and the engagement of leads. This allows them to prioritize follow up with those most qualified and likely to engage.

Salesfusion Recruit for Sales will help you:

  • Capture new opportunities with current clients through regular communications
  • Provide sales with visibility to marketing activities and templates to send trackable emails to leads and contacts
  • Create a two-way sync with CRM/ATS for leads, contacts and opportunities
  • Send automated alerts in CRM/ATS so sales can follow up based on a contact’s activity
  • Blend marketing and sales actions with intelligent and automated nurtures
  • Prioritize and manage follow up with lead scoring and management
  • Track a lead through the complete sales cycle from creation to close with reporting and dashboards


Our Solution
CRM Integration

Applicant Tracking Systems and CRM

Access to information is key to keeping everyone on the same page. Salesfusion Recruit does this by integrating with Bullhorn, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, Sage, Salesforce, Sugar, Jobscience, and Talent Rover.

  • Provide visibility within the ATS or CRM to all marketing activities and actions that a candidate or lead performs
  • Identify when to build sales or recruiting personal outreach steps into a marketing nurture campaign
  • Determine the fields to sync from the CRM to the MAP
  • Outline the marketing automation information sales reps and recruiters want to see directly in the CRM or Applicant Tracking System


Email and Nurture Campaigns

Salesfusion’s drag and drop email builder has revolutionized the way emails are created. It’s so intuitive, even the most novice user can create stunning emails in a few easy steps. Key features of the Email Builder:

  • Drag and drop functionality for email creation
  • Responsive design ensures your emails render perfectly across mobile devices
  • Preset templates and themes to help jumpstart campaign creation
  • In-app image editing to resize as you build or create new content using filters, frames, graphics and overlays
  • Single or multi-variant A/B testing to capture insight into what factors can improve campaign performance
  • Flexible drag and drop list manager with option to add or exclude lists
  • Visual statistics give you insight into your campaign performance



Automated Nurture Campaigns

Automated Nurture campaigns allow recruiting agencies to build long-term relationships in a scalable way. They allow you to trigger communications based on specific contact attributes or activities, as well as over a predefined timeline.

Key Features:

  • Create multi-step, multi-branching marketing programs that incorporate follow-up actions inside Bullhorn or Salesforce
  • React to and trigger action based on changes to lead or contact records in Bullhorn or Salesforce
  • Assign follow up tasks based on campaign milestones
  • Recruiters and Sales can add contacts to nurtures from inside Bullhorn or Salesforce


Landing Pages

Salesfusion’s Page Builder’s user experience is the most intuitive landing page experience offered by a Marketing Automation platform. Page Builder’s drag-and-drop, interactive tool allows even the most novice user to create and deploy a fully-functioning page with form questions in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Full-featured drag-and-drop creation canvas
  • React to and trigger action based on changes to lead or contact records in Bullhorn or Salesforce
  • Completely mobile responsive pages
  • Simple to deploy, yet flexible to meet unique needs for lead capture



Lead Scoring

Salesfusion’s lead scoring measures engagement of candidates, leads and contacts so you can prioritize outreach. By applying a point value for actions taken, such as opening an email, clicking on a link or visiting specific web pages, the platform will keep track of all activities over time.

Key features:

  • Build multiple lead scoring models to adjust for differences in market segments
  • Create models at both the contact and account levels
  • Build evergreen or temporary scoring models
  • Score based on web activity, emails, campaigns, forms and demographics
  • Create scoring groups that drive lead actions
  • Develop leads, tasks, and opportunities in CRM from scores
  • Alert recruiting or sales when candidates or leads hit the outreach threshold
  • Degrade scores over time due to absence of activity


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