We just announced an $8.25M Series B round lead by Noro Mosely Partners.  Having cash in the bank is a good feeling for a small business.  It allows a broader set of strategic options while simultaneously enabling a clearer focus on executing those options – as opposed to being consistently concerned with cash flow and balance.

Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, has been on an amazing journey.  Bootstrapped by Chad Ruff for many years, we grew into a profitable, robust marketing automation platform.  Outside investments in 2013 allowed more runway to test our strategic vision.  Results of those tests have fueled this next round of growth.

We just announced our Series B round and we are already putting that capital to work.  Thank you to Chad for starting this amazing company.  Thank you to our customers for going on this journey with us – we have only just begun.  Thank you to our investors for believing in our vision for the future of marketing automation and to our team for delivering on that vision in meaningful and impressive ways.

We look forward to sharing our vision and the solutions that deliver on its promise with all of you over the next several weeks and months.  Here we go…