User experience matters. Whether it’s a grocery store or a software solution, user experience matters. User experience is the way you feel when you interact with something. It is not always something you think about consciously, but it is definitely something you recognize when it’s absent.

We exist to help marketers achieve their goals. Many, many marketers spend the better part of their working day engaging with our products and people. We spend 100 percent of our work day engaging with them. Our success is measured by their success. Our experiences are their experiences. This week, we are thrilled to unveil our new UI and our new Learning Center – bringing a cleaner interface to the same powerful solutions marketers have come to expect and rely on from Sugar Market, previously Sugar Market.

Clean, simple, easy to navigate – yet incredibly powerful. Behind the new UI, marketers will find the same powerful solution they have come to rely on, only easier to use and more pleasurable to engage with for hours a day. They will also find a Learning Center complete with all new training videos and content developed to help them achieve their goals and get the most out of our solutions.

Our new UI and Learning Center are about more than the making the product pretty. They are about bringing the experience our customers feel when they interact with us personally to the solutions they use every day. All the external renovation in the world is meaningless if the experience beyond the front door doesn’t match the pretty façade. As we passed that grocery store on the way home yesterday, Patrick said “Daddy, we don’t like that store… it isn’t as nice inside.”

Our new UI is about making the outside match the experience we have become known for on the inside… and we are thrilled to welcome you in.