At SalesFUSION, becoming Sugar Market, we believe that solutions consist of both products and expertise (services) and that businesses are built on relationships and trust. We believe the right channel of partners with trusted adviser relationships built of proven expertise is a great way we deliver complete solutions to end customers. We also believe that to build the best channel, we have to become β€œthe most compelling partner” to our partners. As we developed our new partner program, becoming the most compelling partner emerged through 3 distinct points:

  1. The most compelling relationship
  2. The most compelling solution
  3. The most compelling program (profit)

Relationship: We are committed to ensuring we deliver the best, highest touch relationship to our partners. From on-boarding and training through to everyday interaction, we are committed to building real relationships with our partners.

Solution: As the line between marketing and sales continues to blur, marketers are increasingly looking to technology to help them achieve their goals. Stuffing a CRM with contacts isn’t enough. Marketers are looking for real tools to help them attract opportunities, convert them to customers and nurture them into lifelong relationships. The promise of marketing automation products is to turn the CRM from a big bucket of contacts into an incubator of customers. SalesFUSION 360’s deep integration with the leading CRM products makes delivering on that promise seamless for both marketers and their sales counterparts… and makes seamless, deep integration a key to delivering real value.

Program: To build the most compelling partner program we focused on partner share of margins and support. We built a program that allows our partners to build a substantial recurring revenue stream in addition to the services revenue business they will build as the trusted advisor to their CRM customer base. We couple our commitment to generous revenue share with our commitment to providing our partners the support they need to launch and build their marketing automation business.

Sugar Market exists to help marketers achieve their goals. It really is that simple at its core. And we are looking for partners who are compelled to help us deliver on that promise. We are putting our best foot forward with our new partner program as we strive to be – the most compelling partner to our partners.