Atlanta, Georgia—March 20, 2014—Mid-market focused marketing automation leader Sugar Market has released the results of a lead generation survey conducted by Demand Metric Research Corporation. The online survey, based on over 200 responses from small and mid-size companies, found that while most organizations have lead generation processes in place, less than 10% believe those processes are highly effective. Meanwhile, more than half of organizations (58%) reported their lead generation efforts didn’t produce enough leads.

According to the study, the most common approaches for generating leads included email marketing (78%), tradeshow or event marketing (73%), and content marketing (67%). New or more creative approaches are perceived as the best way to improve lead generation processes.

Other findings include:

  1. The lead generation tactic targeted for the greatest increase in investment is content marketing (70 percent).
  2. The area where companies say they will decrease investment most, comparatively, is tradeshow and event marketing (40 percent).
  3. The most common mechanism for capturing leads is a web form (73 percent). The second most common mechanism is through data entry (66 percent).
  4. The most common lead storage repository is a CRM system (45 percent), with the second-highest storage system being spreadsheets (17 percent).
  5. Only 16 percent of organizations that are using and storing their leads in CRM or marketing automation systems report having no standard for lead quality. Furthermore, 62 percent of those companies report that their existing standard or definition is moderate to very effective.

“Lead generation is quite often the greatest point of friction in the marketing and sales relationship, and a goal of our study was to understand what marketers are doing, and what kind of success they are having,” says Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric.

Rackley continues, “The marketing team experiences constant pressure to produce more and better leads, and when they do generate them, where they’re stored has much to do with overall process effectiveness. Almost 60 percent of organizations whose leads are stored in CRM or marketing automation systems report that their lead generation process is moderately or highly effective. Less than half of organizations that store their leads in spreadsheets, in-house databases, email folders or other places report this same level of process effectiveness. CRM and marketing automation systems provide marketing and sales with the tools needed to more effectively execute, measure and improve the lead generation process.”

Christian Nahas, CEO of Sugar Market adds, “The study verified what we’ve been hearing. Marketers need an easier way to accurately identify leads as interested and qualified and they need to deliver those leads to their sales teams at the right time. Marketing professionals are being held increasingly more accountable for budgets and business impact. As the demand for data on marketers continues to increase, smarter tools and more accurate and easy-to-read data will also be increasingly important.”

The full results of the 2014 Demand Metric Lead Generation Benchmark Study are available here.


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