Atlanta – September 28, 2016 – Salesfusion, the leading provider of marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses, has enhanced its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) offering. Recognizing that B2B marketers approach this process in two distinctly different ways, Salesfusion now offers multiple options to identify and market to key accounts.

While some companies have a disciplined process in place for sales and marketing to define a list of target accounts, many others struggle to identify a set list of accounts. Salesfusion’s enhancements to account-based marketing now assist marketers regardless of their readiness to name accounts.

For those who have specified, key accounts, Salesfusion now provides the ability to easily tag those companies, making it more efficient to create campaigns and report results for those key accounts. Additionally, the global dashboard provides easy access for marketers to have visibility to key account activity. As an alternative, Salesfusion now helps identify target accounts by alerting marketers to which accounts are most engaged. B2B organizations with thousands of accounts fitting their ideal profile can find it challenging to narrow their focus. By using a proprietary algorithm to calculate engagement, Salesfusion suggests accounts to target with marketing efforts.

“Since individuals rarely conduct B2B buying decisions alone, account-based marketing has always been an important strategy,” said Carol O’Kelley CEO of Salesfusion. “However, many marketers have struggled with how to actually deploy this strategy and the different types of ABM tools on the market have confused marketers on how best to accomplish their goals. Salesfusion’s latest enhancement to Account-Based Marketing is yet another example of our commitment to ensuring our customers have access to technology and expertise to accomplish their goals.”

“At DecisionLink, we have defined a set of key accounts to focus our efforts,” said Jim Berryhill, CEO of DecisionLink. “But at the same time, there are thousands of other accounts that fit our target market. Salesfusion’s ability to let us both designate key accounts as well as help us identify other highly engaged accounts will be an asset as we continue to grow our business.”

Marketing success depends not just on technology, but also on expertise, processes and people. To assist with adoption, Salesfusion offers a number of ABM resources including:

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