Our customers do some pretty cool stuff with our platform. I’m fortunate enough to talk to many of them on a regular basis to understand the interesting and innovative ways they’re tackling their marketing objectives. However, it’s even more exciting when you get to brag about your customers to the world.

This particular instance has me pretty geeked-up. This piece from MarketingSherpa’s article and CentricsIT’s Marketing Communications Manager, Mandy Hauck, sums it all up: “Before the system change, Hauck said CentricsIT was lucky to get a lead per week, but now the company boasts more than 100 a month.”

In 2010, CentricsIT joined the Salesfusion family, and in just under three years, they’ve redefined their marketing automation strategy driving a staggering 59 percent increase in leads resulting in over $1.5 million in additional revenue for the company.

If you’re thinking, “that’ll never be me,” you’re giving up too soon. Read MarketingSherpa’s case study documenting Hauck and her team’s success and the steps she took to take advantage of Salesfusion’s power and capabilities…