Actionable insights allow users to easily monitor campaign performance and connect marketing activities with revenue

Atlanta, Ga. – August 29, 2017 – Salesfusion, a leading provider of marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses, announced the availability of its new Advanced Analytics platform, which enables marketers to implement data-driven marketing strategies, including reviewing key performance indicators, taking actions and improving results.

Marketers are increasingly calling for better analytics tools to enable their ROI analysis and reporting. In the March 2016 eMarketers’ study, marketers ranked Business Intelligence technology as their most likely technology investment for the coming year. While it is essential for companies to find a better way to monitor trends, make improvements and identify marketing’s contribution to pipeline, Forbes Insights reports that an alarming 79 percent of marketers are not currently employing analytics to measure marketing ROI for all marketing engagement. Recognizing this need, Salesfusion has introduced Advanced Analytics to make actionable insights more accessible.

The implementation of Salesfusion’s Advanced Analytics simplifies marketers’ efforts to deploy data-driven marketing strategies, allowing Salesfusion customers to more easily understand marketing performance by:

  • Leveraging marketing data to uncover trends to incrementally drive leads and improve conversion rates;
  • Making data meaningful with easy-to-interpret dashboards and reports that allow drilling, visualization and data storytelling;
  • Becoming a data-driven marketer, enabling confident, timely decision-making informed by performance.

All Salesfusion customers will continue to benefit from the marketing automation platform’s standard reports and dashboards. The introduction of the Advanced Analytics module provides an advanced offering for those marketers with more demanding requirements for data-driven marketing, closed-loop ROI analysis and visualization.

“As a Salesfusion user, we’ve already learned the importance of diving into our marketing data to determine how to make adjustments and maximize our efforts,” said Kelly Shermer, Marketing Director at Pop! Promos. “However, with the new Advanced Analytics tool, we’re able to leverage the technology to an even greater extent, creating interactive dashboards that give our team an in-depth look into our marketing efforts. Advanced Analytics makes the data meaningful and gives us the power to truly explore ways to help drive our business.”

About Salesfusion
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