ATLANTA, GA– July 21, 2015 – Sugar Market, a leading provider of marketing automation technology for small and mid-sized businesses, has improved visibility into lead engagement and automated key marketing functions for Highland Solutions, a global technology consulting firm.

Looking to automate manual marketing processes and improve lead management, Highland Solutions conducted an extensive search for the right marketing automation partner. The company selected Sugar Market based on its integration with SugarCRM and positive peer reviews.

“Three items were key in our selection of a marketing automation system: automation, integration, and partner accessibility. Sugar Market hit all the marks, in addition to being revered by its customers,” said Stephanie Blahut, Senior Marketing Manager at Highland Solutions.

Salesfusion’s offering has also allowed Highland Solutions to align marketing and sales around campaign planning and execution. This frees up their resources to focus on more strategic initiatives, like developing quality content.

“Sugar Market gives me back time, which I can then spend focusing on the client experience: planning campaigns that add value by offering information and solutions to business problems,” said Blahut.

“We also had a Client Success Manager throughout the onboarding process, enabling Sugar Market to serve as a valuable extension of our marketing team from day one.”

In addition, the integration with SugarCRM provides critical, bi-directional information, making it easier to track the entire buyer’s journey.

“Customers, like Highland Solutions, need to measure and understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns,” said Carol O’Kelley, CEO of Sugar Market. “Sugar Market not only tracks, but improves their marketing effectiveness. We pair our solution with expert consultation to help our clients continuously improve their use of both marketing technology and marketing best practices.”

Highland Solutions Case Study to read more about how Sugar Market improved lead management for Highland Solutions.


About Sugar Market

Salesfusion’s mission is to help marketers attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships. Sugar Market stands out among cloud-based marketing automation vendors for its superior lead nurture and engagement marketing capabilities. Sugar Market provides an out-of-the-box unparalleled integration between its Marketing Automation Platform and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Infor CRM, Sugar, Salesforce, and Sage. For more information visit or on Twitter @salesfusion.

About Highland Solutions

At Highland Solutions, we evaluate and strengthen business processes using technology as a tool to empower companies to do what they do best: add value for their customers. We collaborate with our clients to understand their unique business operations and needs. We then tailor solutions aimed at creating successful outcomes, including improving customer experience, increasing productivity and raising profitability. Our service offerings include systems integration, cloud computing, custom application design and development, e-commerce implementations, social business platforms, data-delivery architecture and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. For more information on Highland Solutions, visit