ATLANTA, GA– June 4, 2015Salesfusion the leading provider of marketing automation technology for small and mid-sized businesses, recently worked with Generis, a sales and marketing consultancy based in Finland, to integrate its digital marketing functions into one comprehensive solution. With Salesfusion, Generis now can seamlessly deliver real-time lead engagement data to sales and track campaign ROI.

Before adopting Salesfusion, the Generis team had difficulty getting concrete data and analytics about its sales and marketing success. They needed a better system to track which programs worked well and which needed to be adjusted, so the team began to explore marketing technology as a solution. Salesfusion’s full-suite marketing automation platform and strong CRM integration won Generis over.

“After testing more than 30 marketing technology vendors, Salesfusion’s powerful integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is what ultimately led to our decision,” said Tuomas Mäkinen, CEO of Generis. “After all, marketing can only benefit from automation if sales are also optimized. The ability to align our team around a seamless process has been invaluable to our success.”

Contact activities, such as email opens, form submissions and webpage views are automatically captured by both systems, providing the Generis team with real-time lead engagement data that they can respond to with personal outreach. Generis no longer has to work in a multitude of different systems as all of its marketing activities and campaign performance results are now in one place. As a result, they can capture clear ROI and better understand how individual efforts impact lead conversion.

“Connecting sales and marketing culturally and technologically is critical to the long-term viability of any business, and we’re committed to helping our clients, like Generis, achieve that,” said Carol O’Kelley, CEO of Salesfusion.

Generis delivered higher value sales and marketing solutions by providing Salesfusion to its clients. They have seen a significantly greater return on the personalized campaigns they are able to execute for their clients with the Salesfusion platform.

“I believe the future of sales and marketing is in technology—being able to provide customized conversations based on the specific needs of each contact,” said Mäkinen. “Salesfusion is uniquely able to deliver that value while also aligning an organization’s sales and marketing teams.”

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