Agile Frameworks supplements small marketing team with Salesfusion’s software with a service

Atlanta, Ga. – September 12, 2017 – Agile Frameworks recently selected Salesfusion, a leading provider of marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses. The company will leverage Salesfusion’s technology and expertise to accelerate the implementation of Agile Framework’s marketing strategy which underpins the company’s growth strategy.

Agile Frameworks offers a SaaS solution to engineering and construction companies, helping them collect and manage data in the field better. Based on B2B best practices, Agile Frameworks set out to implement marketing automation technology as the foundation of engaging prospects throughout the marketing lifecycle to further drive sales. Using marketing leadership’s past experiences with marketing automation, the company based its implementation plan and ROI model on a combination of three elements: technology, marketing content and programs, and speed to value.

“The real value of marketing automation comes not from the technology itself, but from developing rich marketing content and executing compelling campaigns to run through the platform — and doing that quickly,” said Alan Littman, Agile Frameworks chief marketing and sales officer. “Partnering with Salesfusion allows us to multi-thread those activities, and accelerate speed to value to achieve our growth objectives.”

To find a better solution, Agile Frameworks relied on guidance from analyst firm, Forrester, which lauded Salesfusion’s managed services focus.

“Our marketing team is under the typical pressures to connect campaigns and efforts to real results,” Littman added. “We need to optimize our resources. Learning a new technology would be a distraction to our most strategic priorities. When we saw the quality of the Salesfusion platform, and understood the depth of their experience as marketers, the value of the partnership was obvious.”

“By partnering with our clients to understand not only their marketing goals, but their business objectives, we are able to design an approach to marketing automation that dovetails with the company’s broader strategies,” Carol O’Kelley, Salesfusion CEO, said. “Agile Frameworks laid out a high-growth plan, where speed-to-value was central to the business case. Leveraging our expertise in niche areas allows the Agile Frameworks’ team to focus on other essential areas, achieving corporate objectives on a timeline that matters to the entire organization.”

About Salesfusion

Salesfusion makes the promise of marketing automation accessible to all levels of marketers. Shining a light on the handoff between sales and marketing with native integration to CRMs, Salesfusion creates a unified funnel to ensure no lead is left behind. More than 400 small and mid-sized businesses rely on this comprehensive yet easy-to-use platform to engage in long-term relationships that drive more qualified leads, improve conversion rates and increase revenue. For more information visit or on Twitter @salesfusion.

About Agile Frameworks

Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, Agile Frameworks provides SaaS solutions for engineering and construction companies to collect, manage, and report on field and lab data in real time. Their software integrates technical project operations with business administration to help streamline operations critical to keeping projects on track. To learn more about Agile Frameworks, please visit