Marketing Automation Starter Kit

Your Marketing Automation Starter Kit
Marketing automation is here to stay, and embracing it will only help you grow. Read any statistic and you’ll see—there’s no doubt that marketing automation increases efficiency, drives qualified leads, and encourages Sales and Marketing alignment. The benefits are easily realized, but like a new workout regime, getting started is tough.

We’ve simplified things for you. Find everything you need to kickstart your marketing automation program with our handy Starter Kit.

Understand Your Audience

Marketing automation accelerates growth by helping you pass quality leads to Sales. This is ultimately done by sending tailored messages to the right people, at the right time. You may have an understanding of your customers, but does Sales? How about new employees? Make sure Marketing, Sales, and everyone else at your company understands your target buyers. If you’re still crafting buyer personas, you may find our Buyer Persona Template useful.

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Gather Your Content

Gather Your Content

Now that you have defined your buyer personas, you’re ready to begin curating content. Remember, marketing automation is a way to send timely messages at scale, but a platform won’t create content. This step is critical: If you begin bombarding your base and prospects with irrelevant emails or poor content, you’ll hurt your brand and lose credibility. Check out our blog on 3 Steps to Kickstart Your Content Marketing Strategy to get the creative juices flowing.

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Establish Company-Wide Goals

Establish Company-Wide Goals

You now have your marketing materials ready to go! To close deals, however, you need Sales. When you start speaking the same language, you’ll learn that conversations with between teams will even help guide better marketing decisions. A marketing automation platform will score and nurture leads for Sales, and keep both teams in the loop about what the other is doing. There are too many company-wide benefits for driving Sales and Marketing alignment to ignore. Download our free eBook to learn the 3 Steps for Sales and Marketing Alignment.

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Prove ROI

Prove ROI

Now that you’ve gone through all of this effort, it’s time to measure and report on what matters. How effective was your marketing automation program? What was the main goal when you decided to adopt marketing automation? Was it lead to conversion rate, Sales and Marketing alignment, increasing lead quality, or was it something else? If you’re not seeing increases where you expected, find out why. Understand where your process or platform could use improvement by speaking with a marketing automation expert.

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Marketing Automation Blue Book

We have walked through the four steps to getting started with a successful marketing automation program, but our Marketing Automation Blue Book gives you real-life data demonstrating how marketers like you unlock the most value from their solution.

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