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Marketing Automation is here to stay and embracing it will help you grow.

Read any statistic and you’ll see—there’s no doubt that marketing automation increases efficiency, drives qualified leads, and encourages Sales and Marketing alignment. The benefits are easily realized, but like a new workout regime, getting started is tough.

We’ve simplified getting started for you.

Whether you’re adopting a solution for the first time, or getting started with a new partner, you can find everything you need to kickstart your marketing automation program with our handy Starter Kit.

Gain Visibility

Understand who engages with your website, emails and social posts.

Save Time

Surface the right candidates at the right time to personalize at scale.


Supercharge your Sales team with native CRM integrations.

Report ROI

Leverage reporting and achieve ROI with a single full-time placement.

The New Standard in Marketing Automation

With all the features you need, we couldn’t ask you to pick and choose. Salesfusion offers unlimited feature access, users, email sends, API calls, and support via phone, chat and email without charging any additional fees. Pricing is simply based on the number of active contacts in your database.

Customers Are Glad They Picked Salesfusion

“Implementation in less than a week, and operational the next.”

— Chief Marketing & Sales Officer in the Manufacturing Industry

“Consistent excellence through and through, across all touchpoints.”

— Vice President of Marketing in the Services Industry

“Smart, intuitive, well designed MAP with advanced functionality. Superb customer service!”

— Marketing Director in the Manufacturing Industry

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