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The Tech-Savvy Marketer

You’re a key player on your marketing team. When someone is having issues with their laptop, they turn to you. When your marketing team finds gaps in their technologies, you’re the go-to for finding efficiency. You understand that technology can be a blessing when implemented properly and a curse when not executed or synced accurately. In order for your organization to truly adopt a technology, you understand that a platform being intuitive and easily accessible is a priority. Most importantly, you know that your technologies must be integrated for two-way communication to ensure you’re getting the most out of your MarTech investment. You’re likely using several different MarTech tools, but they have gaps and may not all be integrated. They don’t always work the way they are advertised, there’s no support when the technology fails and switching solutions may seem more painful than it’s worth. Below are recommendations for tools and resources that can address your challenges.

Resource – Marketing Automation CRM Integration eBook
Marketing Technologies – Marketing Automation Platform with Support and Integrations with Your CRM (Sugar Market, previously Sugar Market)
– Browser Testing Tool (BrowserStack, Browserling)
– Web Tracking Tools (Google Tag Manager, Ghostery)
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