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The Strategic Marketer

You’re genuinely interested in what you do — you’re well-versed in the industry, and it’s not hard to get you motivated. Things don’t really ever slow down for you because you’re always coming up with innovative ideas. You love that you have your hands in a lot of different projects, but you struggle with finding time for everything you do. Your biggest challenge is the amount of tedious and time-consuming work that takes away from forming your next exciting project. You know there’s an opportunity to take the manual and boring tasks out of your role by automating them with technology, but you have to conduct research before adopting a new technology, which can prove to be time consuming. Below are recommendations for tools and resources that can address your challenges.

Resource – Six Strategies to Masterful Marketing eBook
Marketing Technologies – Attribution Software (Bizible, Google Attribution)
– Intent Data Provider or Predictive Analytics Tool (6Sense, Bombar)
– ABM Tool (Terminus, Madison Logic)
– All-in-One Marketing Automation Platform (Sugar Market, previously Sugar Market)
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