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The Jack-of-All-Trades Marketer

You’re energetic, eager, and excited about the world of marketing. You wear a lot of hats around the office, and everyone is thankful for all you do! One day you may be working on an email campaign, and the next day you may be at a partner’s trade show event. You’re always coming up with creative ideas to compete with bigger budgets or well-recognized brands, but you’re up for the challenge! The challenges you didn’t anticipate, however, are the constant re-prioritizing, technology obstacles, and the ever growing to-do-list on your desk. You’re also likely using several disparate technologies and end up manually uploading lists and creating campaigns using tools that are clunky and difficult to work with. Below are recommendations for tools and resources that can address your challenges.

Resources – Sizing Up DIY vs. Do It For Me in B2B Marketing
– The SMB Marketing Automation Blue Book
Marketing Technologies – Project Management Tool (Basecamp, Slack)
– Conferencing Software (WebEx, GoToMeeting)
– Social Media Management Tool (Oktopost)
– Marketing Automation Platform (Salesfusion, becoming Sugar Market)
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