Lead Generation Software For Today’s
Sales and Marketing Teams

Lead Generation For The Automated World

Sales teams that leverage marketing automation and inside sales methodologies are becoming more and more efficient. This is leading to higher per-salesperson numbers and better conversion rates. But unless you have a smart software that makes the salesperson better at follow up, outreach, scoring and pitching, no amount of automation is going to produce the results you’re looking for.

That’s why our software was built with the sales team in mind. Our easy-to-use workflow builder allows for the most granular customization of the outreach and follow-up process.
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Likewise, our full-funnel attribution analytics allow you to see exactly how and why a given customer found your site and what they’ve done since that discovery. This will give your sales team the narrative they’ll need to have a warm conversation with the prospect as opposed to a cold call.

And finally, our dashboards and reporting features ensure that you learn what works, what doesn’t work, and enables you to optimize your sales process based on real data from your sales team.

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Blending Your Sales And Marketing Initiatives

The days when the marketing team could toss a lead over the fence and hope for the best are over. Today’s marketer wants to know where their leads are going and how they’re being handled by the sales team. This allows them to craft their marketing campaigns to provide the sales team with the most sales-ready opportunities.

But constant meetings and communication on the matter can be difficult. That’s why our lead scoring and CRM integrations allow marketers to leverage the full power of our class-leading lead generation software. By creating smart lead scoring models, marketers can adequately convey the readiness of a lead to the sales team, and through reporting, the sales team can relay back the quality of that lead.

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Empowering Your Sales Team

Cold calling and email blasting are both on their way out. The truth is, your prospects are craving personalization. They want consistency and engagement with your company. By deploying Salesfusion, you can effectively give your sales team the information they need to have an educated conversation with any prospect they receive.

Likewise, by using our attribution technology, your sales team will be able to ask a prospect how they enjoyed the blog post, webinar, eBook, or whatever piece of content brought them to the company. Similarly, by seeing the steps the customer took, your sales team can also identify the pain points that are most pressing to the potential customer. If they downloaded content on a particular pain point or value proposition, then your sales team can lead with that in the conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Salesfusion allow for dynamic lead scoring?

Yes, Salesfusion allows for dynamic lead scoring. Salesfusion users can build as many custom scoring profiles as needed within the platform. Each profile can contain rules for any of the behaviors tracked by platform (email, web activity, form fills, events). Behavioral scoring can be specific to single web pages, emails,events, etc., as well as general activity across different digital and non-digital channels. In addition to these behaviors, Salesfusion users can also use any field on a lead, contact, or individual record inside CRM for scoring purposes.

Does Salesfusion allow for progressive lead profiling?

Yes, Salesfusion allows for progressive lead profiling to obtain more data and compile a more comprehensive profile of leads over a period of time. The landing page pass through also allows known visitors to skip a page on a multi-page landing page.

Does Salesfusion track leads after the initial sales contact?

Yes, Salesfusion tracks leads from lead creation through the full buyer’s journey, helping to track lead-to-revenue management.

Does Salesfusion integrate with third-party CRMs?

Yes, Salesfusion integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor CRM, Sage, SugarCRM, Netsuite, Bullhorn, and Force.com.

Does Salesfusion integrate with ad platforms?

Salesfusion’s integration with Google AdWords allows users to capture all relevant AdWords data seamlessly inside the platform. With the single sign-on integration, pay-per-click leads can be captured and tracked and matched with those leads against opportunities within the CRM. Key metrics from AdWords campaigns are pushed to the campaign management system so Salesfusion users can easily track results.
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