Sugar Market Marketing Automation with Sage CRM

Sage CRM Integration

74% of Best-in-Class organizations have strong, or even complete, alignment between marketing and sales departments.

Since marketers spend their time executing and deploying campaigns in a marketing automation platform while sales spends their time in a CRM, the easiest way to align teams is by selecting technologies that integrate. Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, is a marketing automation platform that will seamlessly integrate with your existing Sage CRM.

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Sugar Market + Sage CRM

Native CRM Integration

Sugar Market brings critical marketing data inside Sage CRM with an out-of-the-box, native, fully-supported integration that is up and running in under an hour.

  • Combines native and iFramed-based integration
  • All marketing data housed natively inside Sage to help align sales and marketing
  • Automatically replicates and synchronizes your Sage database every 15 minutes or less

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