Sugar Market Marketing Automation with Infor CRM

Infor CRM Integration

Companies can drive 5-36% growth simply through alignment according to SiriusDecisions, so it’s no surprise that the single most important criteria for sales and marketing success is the alignment of the two teams. The easiest way to do this is by picking a marketing automation platform that will seamlessly integrate with your existing Infor CRM.

Without the right sales and marketing solutions in place and working together, both teams are likely to waste time on manual processes or lose visibility into their buyer’s journey.

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Maximize Your MarTech Investment

Native CRM Integration

Infor CRM offers a web and LAN deployment option. Most MAP providers do not integrate well, if at all, with LAN-based CRM systems, but Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, has two versions of its integration with Infor CRM to adapt to both LAN and Web scenarios. Learn more about the integration below.

  • Only MAP to provide integration to Infor CRM on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments
  • Integrates with all versions back to 8.2
  • No middleware required. Fully supported out-of-the-box integrations are native
  • Automatically replicates and synchronizes your Infor CRM database every 15 minutes
  • Combines native and iFrame-based integration
  • All marketing data housed natively inside Infor CRM

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