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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

How Salesfusion integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Salesfusion provides a more robust integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM than any other marketing automation provider. Our solution integrates all key functionality that today’s sales and marketing teams need to drive success, including nurture campaigns, automatic lead capture and routing, lead scoring, social prospecting, event management and more.

Built for teams who want to unify key lead management and demand generation processes, Salesfusion will help your organization improve revenue and sales performance. Our innovative approach to sales and marketing alignment is unique, powerful and cost-effective.

Key features:

  • Pre-built integration – no middleware, installs in minutes and is fully supported
  • Native entities for email, landing pages, event management, website tracking and more
  • Integrates email marketing, nurture campaigns, lead capture, lead scoring, event management and social prospecting
  • No workflow required by marketing users
  • Unlimited emails and users


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