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Salesfusion Pricing

We offer two unique pricing options that help you find the best fit for your specific needs.


Starting at


885  £635

Features include:

  • • Dynamic content
  • • Responsive email marketing
  • • Landing pages & forms
  • • Website tracking & analytics
  • • Lead scoring
  • • Lead nurturing
  • • Social
  • • SEO
  • • A/B testing


Starting at


1210  £870

Includes all Core features, plus:

  • • Event management
  • • Citrix and WebEx Integration
  • • Google adwords integration
  • • Integrated event calendar
  • • Advanced list segmentation

In addition to the marketing automation functionality, all customers receive a dedicated customer success manager, one-on-one training, live support and access to best practices.


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“Salesfusion has helped us to really segment our audience depending on the messaging we want to deliver, and it helps us deliver professional campaigns that will drive action from the intended recipients."

- Patricia McLoughlin

Managed Maintenance, Inc


“We selected Salesfusion as our marketing automation platform for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is their integration with MS Dynamics. Their onboarding and training have been exceptional."

- Damion Chatmon