Company fuses easiest-to-use campaign creation tools with powerful analytics and architecture to deliver the best value solution

Atlanta, GA – January 16, 2018 – Salesfusion announced the launch of Salesfusion 12, the next evolution in marketing automation. Salesfusion 12 delivers a high-performance platform with the easiest-to-use campaign creation tools, including a new Landing Page Builder and Advanced Analytics. Changing the status quo in the industry, the new solution is the only platform to include powerful business intelligence tools for the data-driven marketer to easily measure and report marketing’s success. The company is confident the new solution will exceed the expectations of users and is offering a 14-day free trial to support its claims.

With a re-architected platform and a number of new features, Salesfusion 12 focuses on providing an exceptional user experience with easy-to-use tools and powerful analytics at an affordable and all-inclusive price. Additional capabilities have been introduced in the following areas:

Page Builder – Using drag-and-drop builders, Salesfusion 12 now allows marketers to create responsive landing pages and emails in minutes without the need for specialized coding skills or additional third-party tools. Page Builder joins Salesfusion’s Email Builder and Form Builder to make the easiest-to-use campaign creation tool suite available. Page Builder includes:

  • Full-featured drag-and-drop creation canvas to easily add images, video, buttons and more;
  • WYSIWYG interface to visualize pages as they are built;
  • Completely mobile-responsive pages that work across all devices;
  • The ability to leverage Salesfusion’s Form Builder and automated actions to streamline interactions with prospects and customers to create an efficient customer lifecycle.

Advanced Analytics – The actionable insights provided through the business intelligence module allow users to easily monitor campaign performance and connect marketing activities to revenue. Custom dashboards and rich data visualizations make reporting accessible to the entire organization. Salesfusion’s Advanced Analytics simplifies marketers’ efforts to deploy data-driven marketing strategies, allowing Salesfusion customers to more easily understand marketing performance by:

  • Leveraging marketing data to uncover trends to incrementally drive leads and improve conversion rates;
  • Making data meaningful with easy-to-interpret dashboards and reports that allow drilling, visualization and data storytelling;
  • Becoming a data-driven marketer, enabling confident, timely decision-making informed by performance.

CRM Integration – With seven native CRM integrations including Bullhorn, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Infor, Sugar and Sage, Salesfusion 12 expands the deep integration to include custom objects in both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. Additionally, it has deepened the connectivity with Bullhorn as well as integrating to Campaigns in Salesforce, Infor and Microsoft Dynamics.

Infrastructure – The platform has been re-architected from the ground up to ensure reliability and the flexibility to scale to any size campaign. Olympus, a new modular automation framework, will process campaigns and respond to traffic spikes by adding horsepower to handle increased workloads. Additionally, the data warehousing and analytics platforms have been re-engineered to ensure a high-performance infrastructure.

“As marketers ourselves, we at Salesfusion understand that translating creative energy into campaigns that drive conversions is a constant challenge given limited resources and competing demands,” said Carol O’Kelley, CEO of Salesfusion. “We’ve launched Salesfusion 12 with the simple goal to fuse the easiest-to-use campaign creation tools with powerful analytics and architecture to deliver the best value marketing solution available. We are standing behind this commitment with a 14-day free trial as we know we will meet the needs of those looking for an enterprise solution without the enterprise price and complexity.”

As part of the Salesfusion 12 launch, Salesfusion plans to continually release new features over the coming months, including the following:

  • Account View, reshaping account-based marketing (ABM) efforts to facilitate better insights and account actions;
  • Response Prospector, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to find new leads and keep databases up to date;
  • Updated REST API, crafting new ways to integrate directly to Salesfusion’s platform.

About Salesfusion

Salesfusion is an enterprise-level marketing automation platform designed for fast growing and mid-size companies. Our powerful platform is intuitive, scalable and affordable, and our experienced team is as hands-on as our clients need them to be. Thanks to our flexible approach, Salesfusion gives businesses the power and control they need to take their marketing to the next level–and grow their bottom line.