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Case Studies

Learn how sales and marketing teams worldwide use Salesfusion to drive success.

Cleveland Cavaliers Case Study

Case Study

Pro basketball team improves fan targeting and drives higher sales.


Case Study

Inkjet supplier prints money with Salesfusion and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Highland Solutions

Case Study

Technology consultancy improves lead management process.


Case Study

Leading Website Editor Extends Marketing Resources with Salesfusion.


Fiberglass manufacturer lands $30k quote request from first email.


Tech consultancy saves time and improves email marketing performance.

Managed Maintenance

Case Study

IT asset management company saves time, money and frustration.

Next Connex

Case Study

IT infrastructure provider lands £500,000 deal by using Marketing Automation.

Interim Physicians

Case Study

Healthcare staffing firm drives higher email conversions.


Case Study

Education technology provider stays top of mind during long sales cycles.


Case Study

Sales and marketing consultancy drives success for itself and its clients.


Case Study

Sales recruitment firm sees 400% increase in lead generation.


Case Study

Commercial cleaning franchise aligns marketing with sales.

Leger Holidays

Case Study

European travel agency increases bookings by 400% utilizing Marketing Automation.

TRC Consultants Case Study

Case Study

Software company aligns marketing with sales to improve effectiveness.

SilverBack Migration Solutions

Silverback Migration Gains Visibility into Marketing Performance with Salesfusion.