CRM Connections

Make sales fall in love with your CRM all over again!

Marketing automation is breathing new life into traditional sales automation systems and processes. With a proliferation of online marketing channels and web 2.0 lead generation taking hold, companies are realizing that having a marketing automation platform that can manage all of these channels, and then drive intelligent lead generation through to the CRM system, is integral in achieving revenue goals. Salesfusion provides an industrial-strength marketing platform that is purpose built to integrate to CRM systems.

It takes one to know one

Salesfusion is the only marketing automation platform that is built on a CRM database. In fact, some of our clients use Salesfusion as their primary contact database and CRM. As a CRM system ourselves, Salesfusion matches up field for field and table for table with your CRM, enabling a deeper integration and real-time flow of vital marketing data to sales. Salesfusion connects to your CRM in minutes with virtually no integration fees. We have hundreds of successful CRM deployments under our belt and a staff of trained CRM experts and partners ready to ensure your marketing automation project works well with your installed CRM.

Why do we integrate better than other marketing automation vendors with CRM?

  • 100% pre-built integration – no middleware
  • Integration with CRM is a supported product
  • CRM tables are matched at the lead, contact, account, opportunity, task, and campaign levels
  • Unique auto-discovery process maps your CRM system dynamically to Salesfusion to keep both apps in synch
  • Advanced workflow for lead management is managed in the marketing system via simple drag and drop formats…no need for marketing to learn CRM workflow

Who do we integrate with?

Salesfusion has partnered with some of the leading CRM platforms to provide a true lead to revenue management model for companies that drive marketing and sales alignment. Our integrations with leading CRM vendors go way beyond simple campaign tracking. We offer a true lead management system designed to increase sales effectiveness.